‘After 60 years of having my hair styled, I have finally found a multifaceted stylist I can trust.  I marvel at Brandy’s level of intelligence.  She is a tactile, visual, and professional with a sense of style.  Anyone can learn mechanics, but few can incorporate it as art’  - Linda Funk  

‘I am 29 yrs. old I have had quite a few people cut,color and style my hair over the years. I finally found Brandy she is amazing. I can put my full trust in her and tell her do what you think would look good. She is creative and her cuts and color are always up to date. I love leaving her salon I always feel beautiful. My husband says  I have to stay with her I have cried to may times over a bad cut / or color and since I found Brandy that has not happened. Thank you Brandy:)’ - Julie

‘Brandy Wiley has been my hairdresser for a number of years.  I am amazed at her age the knowledge she has about her ability to do hair, the products she uses, and her manner in treating, dealing, and caring for her clients.  When you are in her chair, Brandy is totally concentrating on you and your needs.  She is willing to work with you to get the end result that both stylist and client want before you walk out of her salon.’ - Anonymous 

‘Brandy has been my stylist/hairdresser for over 15 years. I have always been pleased with her manner and expertise.  She keeps up with the trends and education in product and current styling for all ages.  It is a fun and relaxing and informative experience to go there and I like the end result, looking good.’ - Linda Elicker

‘I don’t have the easiest hair to handle; it is thin, frizzy and fine.  Brandy has been working on my hair since she was a student at York Vo-Tech, and I would follow her anywhere.  Brandy, with her creativity and eye for color, creates hair styles that fit my personality.  I love how she can recommend treatments and products that are not only good for my hair, but also make it easier to manage.‘ - Andrea Rauls 

‘I had moved to the area and tried other salons, but wasn't getting the service and latest color and styling trends I was seeking. While eating lunch one day, I noticed a server across the restaurant who had the most amazing hair. The color looked beautiful and her haircut was something you would see in a magazine. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I asked her who her stylist was and she referred me to Brandy. I've been going to her for almost three years now and have loved every appointment. Brandy keeps up with the latest trends and most importantly for me, isn't afraid to be creative with my hair. I feel as though my hair is an expression of who I am and Brandy is the artist who tells my story.’ - Lea Ann Evans

‘Brandy's work is exceptional....she is very professional, listens carefully to clients and exceeds all expectations.  She has true talent .’ - Linda Hlavacik

‘I love Brandy's hairstyling services!  Brandy has a passion and zest for fashion and style. She brings this to her many services as she inspires women to look and feel their best.  She has taught me to appreciate change, and I always have a rejuvenated spirit after leaving her salon!’ - Valarie Cravens

‘I have been a client of Brandy's for over 10 years, and not always the easiest head work on.  I am always looking for a new cut or color and Brandy has always been there to indulge my moods with great ideas to bring my looks to fruition.  I am thankful to have someone who is willing to go along with my ever changing hair.’ - Steph 

‘I have been going to Brandy for many years.  She is a professional hair stylist and strives to treat every client with respect and consideration.  Her goal at each appointment is to work with the client to satisfy their individual wishes.  Also, I have purchased many hair products from her through the years as she explains how each product works on the hair and its purpose in detail.  I would recommend Brandy’s  services to any individual looking for attention and detail.  I have gotten many comments on my hair.’ - Lynn Livelsberger

‘Every time my wife visits Brandy at B Wiley Inc, my wallet becomes empty.’ - Scott 

‘I started going to Brandy when I was seven years old.  After each visit, I walk out the door happy and pleased with my haircut.  She puts me at ease and sees my vision for my hair, while offering her expert advice to make the finished product work with my face shape and hair texture.  She is hardworking and cares about every detail, which is what every client desires from someone who is working on their appearance.  I appreciate her professional demeanor and her continuous love for her work.’ - Mallory (age 22)

‘I've been going to Brandy for a couple years, and I have had more compliments on my hair than ever--including that I look younger! She helped me find a style that fits me and, when I leave an appointment, I am always confident that my hair looks great.’ - Mary Sefton

‘Step into B Wiley Inc, you will receive an educational and relaxing experience -- and leave looking beautiful! As a long-time client of Brandy's, I continually receive compliments on my hair, and I trust Brandy's discretion that she will create a style and color that compliments my face shape, skin tone and my personal/professional style. Brandy is very knowledgeable about product lines and styling techniques, and educates her clients during each hair appointment. Trust in your stylist is the ultimate compliment, and during each hair appointment, I give Brandy free reign to determine what my cut and style will look like. Brandy is able to do this because she actively listens to her clients and applies the best products and techniques for each hair type. A relationship with your stylist is never to be under appreciated, Brandy is fabulous and I refer all of my girlfriends to her!’ - Erin Perry

‘Brandy has been my stylist for many years and I couldn’t live without her.  My appointments are usually in the evening, after working all day, and as soon as I walk into her salon I start to relax.  I can trust that Brandy’s not only going to make my hair look good, but also keep my hair healthy.  She is very knowledgeable and conscientious about the products she uses, which makes me feel safe in her hands.  The service Brandy provides is way above the norm, she takes pride in her work and truly wants every client to leave her salon feeling beautiful!  Thank you for all your hard work and talent!!!!’ - Lisa

‘I am a new client now happily with Brandy for the long term!!  I came to Brandy by referral from a friend, who's hair was always the most amazing natural healthy looking blonde.  My first meeting in the salon was amazing.  I told my story, a very long story, to Brandy of how my hair had gotten to the miserable place it was currently... Burnt, Brittle and ultimately  covered in a black boxed color when I had given up on ever finding someone to fix the damage that had been done.  I brought along photos of my "dream color" and after only a few minutes of speaking to Brandy I realized I had finally found someone who knew what they were doing; not only that but someone who would not compromise the health of hair or her reputation to give someone instant gratification.  She was concerned with getting the hair healthy again and taking her time to learn how it had gotten to this point and explain the strategy to over time reach that "dream color".  Brandy is amazing and though we are still in the long journey of correcting the damage that has been done over the last few years I get complements daily on my hair and feel so good when I looking the mirror!! I owe it all to her!!  I thankfully will never have to suffer at the hands of an unqualified stylist again!  Thank you SO much!’ - Stacey Ness

In the twelve plus years that I have known Brandy she has always been an innovative and dedicated professional.  She continuously works to fine tune and improve her products and services to benefit her clients.  I am sure any project that she undertakes would get 100 percent of her time and attention.  I not only consider Brandy my stylist but also my friend. - Meredith McEvoy

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