Setting Hair with the Curling Iron

November is the official start of the holiday season filled with events we want our hair to look amazing for.  If you feel as if your hair looks great after your done styling but it just doesn’t last, I am here to show you some valuable tips on creating lasting looks.

The key to getting fabulous celebrity styled hair is the perfect set.  Learning how to set your hair properly will help you create amazing hair that lasts.  Sets have supported beautiful hair for centuries.  My grandmother did it with orange juice cans, my mother did it with hot rollers, but today we have the technology to make it easy.  We are going to use heat from the curling iron to reshape the hair and give tons of bounce and body.  

  1. -Heat up your iron
  2. -Decide where you want your part
  3. -Start on the heavier side of the part
  4. -Lift a section about 2” wide and 1” deep
  5. -Comb slightly over directed upwards
  6. -Spray with a thermal setting spray
  7. -Roll with the curling iron
  8. -Slowly remove iron allowing the curl to sit in place.
  9. -Clip with a duckbill clip to keep in place.
  10. -After entire head is curled and clipped give a light spray with hair spray
  11. -Let cool down (this is a good time to put your makeup on)
  12. -Remove all the clips
  13. -Gently unroll the curls starting from the bottom with your fingers, wide tooth comb or a soft boar bristle brush.
  14. -Give shape and dimension with a dry texturizing spray.
  15. -Finish with a flexible hairspray.

Hair is getting ‘Glamorous‘ but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The most important step is to give yourself time.  The finished results with be worth the time and effort you have invested and you will radiate confidence because you will enjoy the event even more knowing you love your hair.

© B Wiley Inc. 2013