Quick Tips for Styling Children

Problem: Hair in their eyes (especially bad when they are working at school and looking down)
Solution: Using detangler and a fine tooth comb pulling back and securing in a small clear band.

Problem: Barrettes fall out
Solution: Use the barrette to accent with after securing with a small clear band.

Problem: Thick curly hair that is a tangled mess when they wake up.
Solution: French braids before bed with spray gel and a light mist of hairspray while damp.
-This also helps on busy monday mornings when there is not enough time to spend styling.
-Great because on the second morning you can take out the braids and they can wear hair wavy with a cute headband.

Problem: Mom's not sure of how to style boys hair.
Solution: Spray with water, spike hair up with gel then relax by pushing forward.

Problem: Hair is tangled even after conditioning in the shower
Solution: Target Brand No More Tangles and A 'Wet' Brush or a wide tooth comb. 
-Remembering to start detangling from the bottom and working their way up.

Problem: Tangles when they wake up
Solution: The Knot Genie

Problem: Teaching Kids how to spray detangler on themselves
Solution: Put the detangler in a spray bottle with a easy spray nozzle.

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