7/19/13 Post Workout Hair

It is hard enough finding the time to hit the gym regularly, even harder to get our hair to cooperate after.  Even thought the oils from our scalp weigh our hair down and give it that ‘greasy’ look, we don’t always need a full shampoo and style after our workouts to look refreshed. Here are a list of tips:

Tip # 1. When working out, use a soft cotton sweat band around front hairline to absorb perspiration.

Tip # 2. After work out, start buy using the blowdryer on cool and blowdrying at the root to dry the damp hair.  The cool air will seal the cuticle and prep the hair for restyling.  Also consider a boar bristle brush that will lift oils from the scalp and distribute down through the hair strand adding a natural conditioning to dry ends.

Tip # 3.  Then spray in a dry shampoo about 6 inches away from the scalp to absorb oils and add volume. you want to lightly and evenly distribute the product and make sure the hair is completely dry before you use it. keep in mind too much of a good thing could cause buildup. Wait about a few minutes to allow the product to be absorbed and then begin styling

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