4/5/13 How To Find the Perfect Stylist

Finding a great stylist who cuts and colors your hair just the way you like it is not an easy task.  Women love beauty and we love change so the two go hand in hand.  However we also like instant gratification and at times lack patience.  That’s why some of us have experienced haircuts and colors that needed to be grown out or corrected because on a whim we randomly pick a salon.  Maybe we saw a fabulous advertisement or had a coupon, whatever the reason, we just kind of left it up to chance.  So to ensure a successful salon appointment we need to start by doing our research.  It’s not as difficult as it used to be.  The internet and social media have changed the way we find and review businesses.  Websites and Facebook pages are a good way to see the establishment and read about the stylists before making the appointment.  We can also get some good recommendations from friends and family who’s hair we’ve admire.   

Take into consideration what services you are looking to have done and what the stylist specializes in.  Give the salon a call and set up a consultation which should be a complimentary appointment.  Keep in mind most talented stylists have busy schedules and it may take a few weeks to get the initial appointment.  The wait will be worth it, especially if it diverts a hair disaster.  During the consultation you should be able to gauge your compatibility and build a solid foundation for the actual appointment. Take note of the cleanliness of the salon, how you are greeted, and the friendliness of the staff.  Make sure you feel comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.You can ask how many years they have been in the industry?  What kind of products they use?  If they have any additional credential beyond a state license such as a manufactures certification for the chemical products they work with.  Take note of the questions they ask you, such as their interest in your hair’s history.  Evaluate the stylists hair.  Is it on trend?  Is it healthy?  Make sure they are a good communicator, but an even better listener.  Be sure they discuss with you possible style options and the investment costs up front.  Also ask for a copy of the salon’s policies because a professional salon will be able to guarantee their services because they will not chemically compromise the hair.

My last little tip would be try not to make a dramatic change on the very first visit with a brand new stylist.  Allow them an appointment or two to really get to know you and your hair so that they can specifically design a look for you based on your lifestyle, styling ability, natural texture, and personality:)

xoxo, Brandy

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