Beauty Vlogging with Maddie Freed

Since the on set of my career I have had the honor of hearing all about Maddie during her mother’s salon appointments. It makes me feel really old to say that I’ve known Maddie since she was a toddler.  It’s always easy to tell which little girls are just born little fashionistas.  Maddie started her ‘ vlogging’ (video blogs, dont worry she had to explain to me because I didn’t know what a blog was) on YouTube in early 2013.  I can’t belive how much I have learned from her!  The vlogs are super cute just like Maddie:)

B Wiley Inc. is very excited to have Maddie join our team of ‘Beauty, Fashion, Style, and Design Enthusiasts’ !  She brings the teen perspective and will keep us on the technology edge:) Subscribe to her channel:

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